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Compliance Indicator

“Compliance Indicator” is an express test to determine the level of resilience to the most common risks arising from non-compliance with the basic legislation of the Russian Federation and the criteria of financial stability.

The list of testing questions is designed for a certain conditional average model of small or medium-sized businesses and is aimed at attracting the attention of businessmen to some issues critical for business, the lack of preventive addressing of which can cause sanctions or property losses that may threaten the existence of the business itself.

This testing does not imply a full and comprehensive analysis of the existing risks, but serves as an approximate guide for understanding the general approach of the entity to compliance with the laws, third party rights and the general business culture.

The testing is anonymous and we do not request personal data.

Should you have any questions or comments about the work of the service, please contact by details indicated on the site, or use the link that will appear at the end of testing.

Based on the results of testing, you will see either a green, yellow, or red light of “Compliance Indicator”.

  • The red light appears if you gave less than 60% correct answers or if at least one of your answers turned out to be critical (that is, indicating the existence of a critical risk to your business).
  • The yellow light appears for those who gave from 60% to 80% correct answers and who have no critical answers.
  • The green light is for those who have more than 80% correct answers and no critical answers.

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