Companies are certified online in the following areas:

  • Relations between business and regulatory authorities and regulators in the Russian Federation
  • Compliance with the tax legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Financial safety of the organization
    1. Control over the company’s income and expenditure
    2. Insurance (as part of the financial safety of the organization)
  • Verification of counterparties
  • Compliance with AML/CFT requirements
    1. Compliance with the requirements of 115- Federal Law
    2. Compliance with international AML/CFT requirements
  • Compliance with data protection legislation
    1. Personal data protection
    2. Protection of trade secrets
  • Compliance with labor legislation (organization of staff)
  • Compliance with the health and safety legislation
  • Compliance with the anti-corruption legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Compliance with the competition legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Compliance with the intellectual property legislation of the Russian Federation
  • International compliance principles and ethical standards
  • Examination of the company by open sources in the Russian Federation

Moreover, we can assist you in undergoing an offline examination, if the online format is inconvenient for you.
Any business entities of all forms of ownership may be certified.


For the companies being certified

  • The certificate indicates that the company cares about the financial and legal security of the business
  • Having a certificate is an additional advantage when participating in procurement, joining industry organizations, unions (including SRO), concluding contracts and entering markets.
  • Recommendations based on the results of expertise executed during certification constitute a targeted document for each specific certified company, which contains expert opinions on the methods of and the need to address certain discrepancies in the company’s business processes. The opinions are in the form of brief terms of reference for an expert of legal services.


For ecosystems

By building partnerships with ANO «Compliance Standard Agency», the businesses introduce into their economies (through subsidiaries, suppliers, contractors, requirements for their members) the principles of responsible business conduct, which ensures the transparency of business ecosystems, their resilience, increasing profitability to +3% per year and investment attractiveness.


We carefully read and respond to each request